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Respondent Generation Services

ITTS respondent generation is a dynamic and alternative approach to using media syndicators to not only find organisations interested in your product but to uncover sales ready leads.

Stage One

Our Respondent Generation model avoids delivering irrelevant contacts, such as academics, consultants, competitors and the idle-curious. We also eradicate companies for whom your campaign isn’t appropriate – perhaps too small or from overseas.

We supply appropriate company data to ensure that the people we speak to are drawn from relevant organisations for your offering. We then navigate to an appropriate contact, validate that the contact is relevant to your offering and propose we share with them via an email the agreed piece of relevant collateral (white paper, case study etc). We also seek approval for a further feedback follow up call.

The Benefits

With traditional media syndication, the client pays for every contact, yet around 40% typically are found to be not relevant. So, if you pay £100 per contact it actually costs closer to £167 per relevant contact.

With ITTS, you only get relevant respondents, and our entry level pay per respondent price is always lower, thus delivering a massive saving on your average respondent spend.

Why we’re different

We’re not like other telemarketing agencies.  Our Sales Researchers are time-served professionals with between 10 and 30 years IT Sales experience. Leveraging their experience and adopting a consultative sales style, this team can position complex value propositions to senior decision-makers, highlighting USPs and heading off objections.  The combination of this experience and a thorough briefing process is a proven formula that has worked time and time again. Find out more about our approach

Stage Two

In this part of the process, we hand over the contacts who agreed to a feedback call to our Sales Researcher team – all of whom are highly experienced, ex IT sales people, capable of nurturing opportunities and turning interest into qualified leads.

Typically, this isn’t something that’s integrated into the services provided by a media syndicator. They supply basic contact data to the client, who either passes this to their internal team or a 3rd party agency, such as ourselves, to follow up. This disconnect has a detrimental effect as it usually leads to significant delay between the respondents’ interaction and them being followed up.

By using our integrated, two stage respondent generation we are able to follow up and nurture opportunities within the contacts’ brief window of interest.

As can be appreciated, your follow up process is costly – but bear in mind that with current media syndicators, 40% of respondents passed to be followed up aren’t actually relevant. Therefore, 40% of the follow up budget is, in effect, wasted even before the calling has begun.

With our model, the Stage 2 call is only ever targeting relevant contacts, in relevant companies who have actually agreed to a follow up call. As we have a fixed pay by result charge for this stage 2 call if we reach the contact, our process ensures your budget is protected – so your respondent generation investment works harder, smarter and achieves better quality results for substantially less spend.

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About ITTS

Focussed exclusively on the IT sector, ITTS helps technology companies increase the performance of their sales force and improves marketing ROI by providing them with high quality sales leads and appointments.

Delivering full campaigns in-house and also partnering with strategic digital marketing agencies, ITTS has grown to become the UK’s leading provider offering B2B IT demand generation services to technology companies across the globe.  Operating from a UK base with an ability to service campaigns across America, Europe and Australia, ITTS can help you strategise, plan and deliver a lead generation campaign to accelerate your sales.