What is LinkedIn Ghosting? LinkedIn Ghosting allows you to outsource your LinkedIn network growth and increase your social media presence – but is it the right tool for you? The service involves our dedicated LinkedIn Agents taking over your LinkedIn account or the account of whoever you are trying to assist. Our LinkedIn Agents then […]

The GDPR problem GDPR. Every marketing team, not to mention their legal departments, have been obsessing over it since May 2018. Presenting a seemingly insurmountable challenge of depriving access to any marketing contacts without a clear opt-in GDPR has rewritten the rules of marketing for the foreseeable future. Businesses are left stranded with no way […]

Social Media Marketing

In the Internet era, social media is king of the business world. From LinkedIn articles to colloquial Tweets, an online presence is an essential tool for brand marketing and lead generation. Marketing strategies often focus on the digital in today’s world of smartphones and bitesize content. Blog posts and a carefully planned string of content […]

We regularly hear a number of questions from clients concerned about the approaching General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), such as: What does the GDPR mean for me as a Marketing Manager? Will I be able to send e-shots after the GDPR comes into force? How do I manage my current customer data under the new […]

You might think you don’t need an outsourced telemarketing partner – if you already have an in-house telemarketing team phoning up customers and generating leads – so, why would you need to hire an external agency to help you? Well, we think that you could actually still benefit from a telemarketing partner. In fact, many […]

Before you can start any marketing or telemarketing activity, you first need to have a clear idea about what a lead actually is, as it’s not always clear when a lead is a lead. And not knowing what a lead means to you almost guarantees disappointment when you start working with a marketing firm, as […]

At ITTS, we sometimes get asked why we don’t offer a pay-per-lead telemarketing model. Customers, understandably, sometimes want to pay for leads rather than purchasing call-out days in a telemarketing project. We get that – after all, many customers who want pay-per-lead activities have often been burnt in the past by unsuccessful telemarketing campaigns, and […]

Telemarketing is all the same. The process is the same, the telemarketing agents are the same and the results are the same. Telesales reps are packed into call centres, stacked full of inexperienced and inexpensive agents making thousands of calls a day. One minute they could be s elling stationary, the next they are trying […]

We sometimes speak to clients who are trying to decide whether to run a telemarketing campaign, or start a digital marketing initiative – and can’t choose between the two. We often have conversations where clients are concerned about whether telemarketing is still a relevant option for them, as online marketing automation tools become more prominent. […]