Buyer led acquisitions. Can you change your future?

We often hear a view from the digital marketing ‘superfan’ that the platforms they utilise provide a leak proof pipeline through which all active leads in the target market will flow to them.

Get your content strategy on point and ensure its visible in all the right places and bingo.

Demand generation utopia beckons!

The only snag is that this outlook leaves no room for those targets who are active buyers, but who may not touch or interact with your content due to being maybe too busy or happen to be inactive on the media platforms your content is published on, or, worse still, they actively pass over your content because they’ve never heard of you or they hold a misguided view of your company and its capabilities.

A multitude of reasons could lie behind a perfectly formed prospect not becoming visible and active via your digital programmes.

Unless of course, you have the opportunity to change whatever view that prospect is harbouring that is ensuring their digital behaviour is keeping them hidden from your view.

It might not be subtle, but it’s worked for a heck of a long time………the most effective way to ensure what could be excellent leads aren’t needlessly lost is to ensure all programmes have an element of intervention about them. And the most dynamic intervention is a verbal reach out. It’s the highest value engagement dynamic allowing the opportunity to converse, discuss, explore and promote your company’s pedigree.

Is it easy? No; but what worth having is easy to attain?

So, we’d proffer the view that what appears from your digital engagements to be your total pipeline perhaps isn’t always the case – there’s always a subset of buyers who will need engagement beyond the more passive digital mechanisms in order to bring them into your line of sight.