Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions International is a specialist application provider to the oil and gas market place. Headquartered in Houston, Texas but with subsidiaries across the globe, Energy Solutions have evolved a range of highly focused applications to support the business operations of gas and oil distributors. The key characteristics of the market they serve are that their target organisations have an internationally dispersed make-up, with sophisticated and specialised needs. These organisations invest fairly infrequently in refreshing core applications, but when they do, the investment is usually substantial.

The Challenge

Energy Solutions recognised that the size of their EMEA target audience was relatively modest. This, in essence, heightened the need for them to be absolutely certain that they had visibility of all the key players in the region that could potentially use their solutions. The second necessity was that with such a small band of potential targets, it was crucial that they had sight of who amongst their audience were either planning to review core applications or who were experiencing challenges that were likely to lead to a review. With the possibility of only a handful of projects being initiated in their target market on an annual basis, missing a bid simply because they weren’t aware of the project was a circumstance they had to avoid.

The Outcome

The first goal was for ITTS to research the EMEA market place to ensure Energy Solutions had a complete view of the target companies they needed to engage. This task was completed by our multi-lingual Telemarketing Agent team carrying out a combination of both desk and telephone-based research.

With a complete view of the target audience, we were then able to engage all key EMEA territories using appropriate native language skills using our Sales Researcher team. The task of investigating the target companies required a fluent knowledge of Energy Solutions’ applications and a clear understanding of the nature of the challenges the target audience was likely to be facing.

With a combination of multiple contact engagements being initiated and nurtured over a period of 3 months, a clear insight was returned to the Energy Solutions sales team as to the near and medium term account activity.

Some 9 months after the project began Energy Solutions are in advanced negotiations with a number of prospects with a potential total deal value of many millions of dollars.

The key to the success of this project was the reassurance for Energy Solutions that our total focus on optimising returns from their target audience meant they could be sure that any projects that were happening in their market were visible to them. The only way to achieve this was to ensure that the investigations we undertook into each organisation could be demonstrated to be thorough and conclusive. We’re pleased to say that not only was this outcome achieved and validated by Energy Solutions but that Energy Solutions now have a multi-million dollar pipeline as a direct result of our efforts.