Hewlett Packard

HP, naturally, is recognised as a premier global hardware vendor specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of a vast array of devices, systems and products.

In respect of storage and disk-based backup devices, HP has consistently been in the global top 5 for market share for many years and they continue to innovate and expand their offerings.

The Challenge

The relationship HP has with many customers is often defined by the HP products a client utilises; customers that have embraced HP desktops don’t always readily see HP as the first choice for servers or technology software. HP server customers might not instinctively engage HP when they have a storage project or Direct2Disk procurement.

As such, HP recognises there is a necessity to be constantly vigilant in promoting specific elements of their hardware range to all organisations,
be they users of other HP products or not.  In regard to this specific initiative, HP needed to ensure they were visible in an audience of midmarket organisations with respect to virtualisation ready storage systems and   Direct2Disk backup solutions.

There was a defined need to engage the audience, discover current storage and D2D incumbency and to explore future requirements ensuring that any opportunities that HP could be involved in were identified, qualified and made ready for HP sales engagement.

The Outcome

The nature of the technology topics that we were to be handled were recognised to be relatively commoditised. As such this project was seen as well positioned to benefit from our middle-ranking team of calling agents, our TeleResearchers.

This team has mature agents with a telesales background. They can be very able and cost-effectively engage an audience on commoditised propositions.
Taking the audience of companies supplied by HP we recognised that the first element of the challenge was that the appropriate contact responsible for storage and D2D decisions would need to be identified by our agent. We could then engage them, seeking to discover and qualify relevant opportunities and engineer further contact to enable HP sales to progress the discussion further.

From an initial investment of £12k, three months on from the project’s conclusion, HP report that directly from leads supplied from this activity that they have closed $645k of orders and continue to bid for $1.9m of pipeline.

As a consequence of our long experience of managing and executing hundreds of similar programmes over the past 20+ years, we were able to deliver this outstanding result using a combination of our skills in briefing, structuring, managing and QA’ing such projects combined with the skills, productivity and tenacity of our TeleResearchers.

Results of this nature are not a matter of luck – they are a consequence of many years of experience spent developing dynamic methods, processes and techniques that, when shared with our clients, bring real, tangible and profitable benefits to their programmes.