Jive Software

Jive is the pioneer and world’s leading provider of social business solutions. Their products apply powerful technology that helps people connect, communicate and collaborate – the key focus is on delivering enterprise-class solutions to enable organisations to fully leverage social business solutions.

Jive operates a rapidly expanding global business focused clearly on developing high-value relationships with organisations who recognise the competitive and operational value of their solutions.

The Challenge

Jive are focused on accelerating the expansion of their footprint of operations within EMEA – as such they have recruited both inside and field sales capability to cover these territories. Being relatively early to market, they recognised from the outset they needed to support their sales resource by providing them with clean, relevant and specific contact data to enable both effective marketing and accelerate the performance of the sales teams.

Of particular note was the profile of contact ideally suited to their proposition. Jive had identified that Knowledge Management and Business Change/Transformation executives were key targets for their proposition – contacts who, relatively speaking, are fairly obscure and well embedded in target accounts. As such, these contacts were not available for purchase from data suppliers and data syndicators.

In addition, such contacts were not identifiable at switchboard level – what was actually required was a more investigative style of contact identification.

The Outcome

ITTS deployed our Telemarketing Contact Building team – all our agents are trained and experienced in using effective techniques and tactics to harvest embedded, difficult to reach contacts.

As such ITTS targeted a pool of selected priority accounts across the UK, France, Germany, Italy and the Nordic region using our native language agents to build a fresh, accurate and relevant audience of contacts.

We delivered a net new audience of some 12750 key contacts across 1200 company entities in a matter of weeks, enabling Jive to more effectively focus on their sweet spot audience in both a marketing and a sales context.

ITTS were able to use proven, well-developed tactics to effect the rapid and cost-effective engagement of key accounts across key European territories. We were able to travel across significant numbers of company entities to uncover substantial quantities of high-value contacts that were otherwise unobtainable and unavailable via traditional contact sourcing routes.

The additional fact that we were able to deliver a rapid turnaround from original enquiry to delivering a fully QA’d, complete and exhaustive contact audience was a significant factor in helping Jive meet the ambitious EMEA market penetration targets they had been set.