Lawson Software specialises in the development and delivery of Enterprise class ERP, HCM and Financial software solutions for the retail, manufacturing and distribution market sectors. Acquired by the Infor Corporation in 2011 Lawson continues to operate largely as a self-standing operation delivering solutions on a global basis.

The Challenge

Lawson Software’s EMEA region had a requirement for a telemarketing partner to support in-country telemarketing activities. Whilst each country marketed the same range of solutions they had the freedom to roll out local programmes and initiatives.

The key element they wished to outsource was the telemarketing and lead generation element of the marketing mix – the requirement, therefore, was to select an agency that had the capability to understand and articulate effectively the core propositions associated with their business solutions and deliver programmes at a local country level across key European territories.

The Outcome

ITTS were selected on the strength of our pedigree in successfully delivering technology and solution led lead generation programmes over many years. The fact that we could address all requirements ranging from contact identification to lead generation to sophisticated deep dive account profiling using our key agent teams led them to recognise they could simplify project delivery by routing all activities for all countries through a single supplier.

In addition, Lawson Software, as a user, wished to have all activity carried out by our agents in their native Salesforce CRM environment. Whilst this required a modicum of familiarisation at both
agent and project management level it allowed ITTS to achieve a much greater degree of integration with the Salesforce marketing and sales teams.

In the time since our selection, ITTS have delivered scores of projects and many £m’s of pipeline in supporting a wide array of marketing programmes in the following countries: UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Nordics, Benelux, Switzerland, Spain.

We continue to deliver a responsive and comprehensive service to Lawson Software closely aligning our service delivery with the variations in territory organisation and product focus that are a common feature of many corporate environments.

ITTS were able to deliver from a single source, via a single account management team, a multi-lingual service that could address the individual programme needs of each countries marketing operations – whether this need was contact cleansing/gathering, lead generation or account profiling we were able to offer a capability that could match variations in regard to project frequency, project volume and language.

Most crucially, our focus of working only in the solution and technology market sector for almost 20 years helped convince Lawson we had the experience, knowledge and ability to understand and articulate the key propositions they needed to broadcast to what is a demanding marketplace.