SEC are a global provider of voice, video and communication infrastructures and solutions servicing enterprise and mid-market clients across all verticals. As a highly regarded technology leader, SEC is recognised as a major brand in a fiercely competitive market place.

The Challenge

With a renewed focus on video conferencing solutions and services, Siemens had a requirement to engage enterprise-class organisations capable of making a major investment in these solutions. The core aim being to help key account managers navigate quickly to warm/hot opportunities.

With limited account management resources, what Siemens didn’t want was a lead generation programme that simply provided a rapid burst of activity that left the account manager with lots of ongoing nurturing actions. Account managers were recognised as adding greatest value when in front of prospects who had defined interest or need rather than managing callbacks and trying to reach contacts who’d requested further contact.

What was needed was a capability that could handle the complexities of presenting the solution messages but could also take ownership of managing the whole opportunity discovery and nurturing process.

The end result being that situations should be progressed to the point at which the Siemens account managers had a meeting agreed for them to attend.

The Outcome

ITTS deployed our Sales Researcher team – all our Sales Researchers are ex-IT sales executives and have the capability to not just handle the more complex messaging many of our clients have but have the practical experience of identifying and then nurturing opportunities over a period of time.

We began the engagement by taking significant input from the client to position the key products and services we’d be working with. We then worked with Siemens to identify an audience of enterprise accounts that it was deemed could have a propensity to utilise Video Conferencing solutions.

With these preparatory steps completed we embarked on an ongoing programme of calling into new organisations, as well as continuing dialogue with organisations we had already engaged with who offered some potential.

The net result of an initial 6-month programme is that ITTS has now fixed meetings for Siemens account managers with a range of key accounts numbering amongst them global banks, multi-national logistics businesses, key government departments, retailers and transport organisations.

Needless to say, many of the meetings that we have fixed were the culmination of numerous discussions, managed by our Sales Researcher with key target contacts, over a period of time.

Siemens are now actively bidding a multi £m pipeline of business as a consequence of this activity as well as having identified a significant number of target accounts who have indicated likely business activity in the medium term.

ITTS had, in the form of our Sales Researchers, a skilled team who were able to understand and articulate the key propositions Siemens wished to impart. We also had the capability to offer an ongoing nurturing process that meant we owned the lead development process and only engaged the account manager when a firm action such as a meeting or conference call had been agreed.

The net result being that the Siemens account manager could focus fully on what they did best which is engage with prospects we found for them who had a genuine interest. In addition, Siemens could be confident that the target audience for their proposition was being engaged and prospected using a rigorous process that ensured all available active project opportunities were identified and pitched.