We sometimes get asked questions about how our services are delivered, or how we operate. We thought it would be useful to include the answers as a handy FAQ – if you have any other questions then get in touch and we can add them!

Would it not be cheaper for me to operate telemarketing services in-house?

Possibly, but only if you have the capability to manage variable volumes of activity with a fixed number of agents. Telemarketing requires intense management, motivation, incentive schemes and training. When making the comparison between in-sourcing and outsourcing you need to take into account all the cost factors but most importantly assess the effectiveness of the individuals making the calls.

How do you charge for your services?

We base our charges on a daily rate which varies depending on the skill level of the resource required.

What kind of results should I expect?

We act as an extension to your sales team, helping to open doors and narrow the sales funnel so that they spend their time focusing on closing rather than prospecting. Our approach is to work with you to scope the project and allocate the appropriate resources to best achieve your objectives. We recommend you review the results a couple of days into the project to ensure you are satisfied with the progress. If you would like a cost estimate for a particular requirement, then please call us to discuss.

Do you use home-workers?

No, all our Sales Researchers, Tele-Researchers and Telemarketing agents are employed on a full-time basis and located at our call centre in Altrincham, South Manchester.

In which markets do you operate?

Our core focus is on servicing the UK market but we also have the capability to execute successful projects across EMEA using a combination of English and native speaking researchers. We have successfully executed projects in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland.

Do you have a standard contract?

Most of our clients prefer to use a Heads of Agreement reflecting what has been agreed between both parties but we do have a pro forma contract if required.

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About ITTS

Focussed exclusively on the IT sector, ITTS helps technology companies increase the performance of their sales force and improves marketing ROI by providing them with high-quality sales leads and appointments.

Delivering full campaigns in-house and also partnering with strategic digital marketing agencies, ITTS has grown to become the UK’s leading provider offering B2B IT demand generation services to technology companies across the globe. Operating from a UK base with an ability to service campaigns across America, Europe and Australia, ITTS can help you strategise, plan and deliver a lead generation campaign to accelerate your sales.