Increased Talent Pool: An unexpected benefit

The COVID pandemic has had a far-reaching impact on working practices and most businesses have had to adapt to working from home arrangements and social distancing.

ITTS is a case in point. Prior to the pandemic, all our staff worked from our South Manchester office. Consequently, this also defined our recruitment strategy as we needed to hire local talent from the Northwest who were within commuting distance of our office. An unexpected benefit of the lockdown is that we have now been able to widen our recruitment catchment area and hire talent from across the whole of the UK.

Working from home has given us the flexibility to embrace this change and we are no longer constrained by the commuting consideration. We can now access a broader talent pool and ensure we are recruiting agents with the most suitable skills and experience to service our client campaigns.

It’s probably fair to say that were it not for the pandemic, it is unlikely that we would have made such a change.

If you are not already seizing on this opportunity yourself, it’s something you should consider.