6 ways to maximise the value from your leads:

Having observed how clients respond and react to the leads we generate for them, and then noting their success levels in converting leads to deals, we thought it would be interesting to share the characteristics and tactics of those clients who consistently succeed in making the most of the leads we send them:  

1. knowledge is power (when it’s used)

First thing is make sure the Sales Person actually reads the Lead Report you get from your agency/provider.  It’s key that their next actions are fully in-synch with the content i.e. if it says the prospect doesn’t want to engage until April,  don’t ring them in the middle of Feb and ask if they’d like a quote putting together.  If its says send an education focused case study and then call next week, do just that.  To not do this just makes the prospect think you don’t know what you’re doing. 

2. Horses for courses! Tailor your tone so it’s relevant to where the prospect is in the sales cycle.

For any leads, other than the ‘Call me now’ leads, always have the Sales Person drop a friendly, non salesy intro call into the target – even if it’s just a voice mail, that will work fine.  In the first place, it’s the Sales Person just affirming they will be ‘looking after them’ but there’s also the chance the sales conversation might start earlier than planned – clearly, that isn’t for the Sales Person to push (see point 1 above), but more a case of just letting it happen if it does.  

3. Keep biting the cherry. Multi channel engagement to deepen relationship.

The Sales Person should then try to connect with the prospect over LinkedIn.  That way, your content published to the Sales Person’s newsfeed will be visible to the prospect in the coming weeks/months helping build brand and visibility. It also gives you an alternative way to contact the prospect directly (or them to reach you!). 

4Out of sight out of mind. Align your content to build brand visibility.

Between the introduction made by the Sales Person (point 1 above) and the appointed time for the call/follow up to happen, engage the contact with a low level of relevant digital content, webinars, case study’s etc via email again, helping build brand and visibility. 

5. 3Ps to maximise your call outcome: Prepared, Patience, Persistence.

When it comes to the actual call, be prepared to be patient and persistent.  Some of the targets we get great leads from can take 20+ diallings across 2 or 3 weeks before you get hold of them.  Because they don’t pick up or they don’t respond to VM or email doesn’t mean the lead is dead.  It’s not dead until you’ve heard the prospect tell you that.  Anything else and its still in play – its just down to how far you’ll go to get your deal.  

6. 360 feedback for  Continuous Improvement and Accountability 

That means our agents pick up leads that were sent over a couple of months ago where the Sales Person has said they are dead and we call in to the prospect ‘to make sure you’ve been looked after’.  However, it’s really to validate a) did the Sales Person actually reach them and b) why has the bid not progressed.  You can guess how illuminating getting this level of insight can sometimes be –it can tell you what a super diligent job your sales team are doing and other times it tells you what a load of baloney they are feeding you!!  Even better, if the sales team know this 360 feedback is ongoing, it’s a great driver for them to stick at it and ensure they reach the prospect.

You probably put in a lot of effort, not to mention pay a lot of money, to generate leads for the sales team – not ensuring they are engaging an effective follow up process is like throwing money on the fire!

Anyone got any other tips/tricks?