Ring the bells; ITTS have just been awarded ISO 27001 accreditation…So what, I hear some of you say…

We’ve all heard of it! But what’s the big deal and why would a supplier put themselves through the time consuming process of attaining official ISO 27001 accreditation?

Well, if you are responsible for procuring marketing services from suppliers, and something goes ‘wrong’ with the data you’ve shared with that supplier, do you think it will help to demonstrate you took appropriate measures to protect company data by only working with suppliers who had ISO 27001 accreditation?

Let’s be honest – things can go wrong!

What counts is you can demonstrate to the governance ‘police’ when they come knocking that you took ‘reasonable’ steps to protect your employers interests.  And what better way to evidence this than stating you made sure your suppliers have been ISO 27001 assessed and accredited!

You’re safe in the knowledge that you are working with a supplier:

  • Who is continually improving their information security by regularly reviewing systems, implementing enhancements and working continually to ensure all relevant information is protected.
  • Who will produce more consistent results –  complying with the standard requires having organised and well-documented systems in place.
  • Who has systems in place to protect your data and respond to potential threats.
  • You can be certain will not run into any legal trouble regarding data protection requirements – client data is getting the protection that the law says it should.
  • Who doesn’t need the client to spend time checking for adherence to legal requirements; with ISO 27001 certification, the customer already knows we are following relevant laws and regulations.
  • Who can guarantee that we have a functioning Information Security Management System in place which is being continuously reviewed to make sure it stays sufficient.  
  • Who has undergone a rigours assessment by an independent third party before being awarded the accreditation.

So next time you are reviewing the credentials of a prospective supplier, you’ll appreciate why seeing that ISO 27001 logo should give you a reassuring glow that no governance bogey man will be bothering you anytime soon.