Account-Based Marketing

Our Account-Based Marketing Profiling service gives you the opportunity to gain in-depth understanding on how a target account operates, how they are structured, who are the key decision makers, their decision-making process, who they currently purchase from as well as their future investment plans.

Content Syndication 2.0

ITTS respondent generation is a dynamic and alternative approach to using media syndicators to not only find organisations interested in your product but to uncover sales ready leads.

Digital Services

We’re embracing a blended approach – combining inbound marketing automation with outbound telemarketing – to deliver an always-on capability which accelerates the lead generation process, quickly and efficiently targeting a broad audience.

Surveys & Questionnaires

We can create a unique and tailored online survey which will help you to gain valuable insights about the key pain points and challenges your target audience are currently facing, structured in a way to introduce your value proposition.

Event Registration

At ITTS we manage and administer over 10,000 event registrations across 250 events per annum for a variety of IT clients. We provide a comprehensive range of services allowing our clients to fully outsource event delegate management completely risk free.

Data Services

Accurate and relevant data is essential to the success of any sales and marketing campaign.  Our database building service enables our clients to develop their own bespoke contact database as the basis for their campaigns.

GDPR Services

We can help you to ensure you have the necessary GDPR-compliant opt-ins to allow you to continue to send marketing communications to your customers and prospects after the 25th May 2018.

LinkedIn Ghosting

The key aim of LinkedIn ghosting is for ITTS to help clients build and widen their network of connected contacts within LinkedIn. We assume the identity of specific client account managers using their LinkedIn login profile, so, to all intents and purposes, we will appear to the target audience of contacts as if we are the account manager who is personally seeking engagement. The end goal is to recruit further high value and relevant contacts into the clients LinkedIn network.

Pay Per Lead Solutions

Pay per lead solutions for Mid Market customers - if you're targeting businesses with fewer than 1500 employees this could be ideal for your business.


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