Account-Based Marketing

An opportunity to gain in depth understanding of your prospects and customers

Our Account-Based Marketing Profiling service gives you the opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of the key stakeholders in the business, how the target account is structured and what its key priorites and challenges are by way of gathering non public domain insights. This service is used extensively by clients who want to engage high-value and/or complex accounts. We can help quantify the business potential of key accounts as part of a wider ABM strategy.

Insight and Intelligence

Account-based marketing itself employs a combination of desk-based research and outbound calling to profile high-value contacts within the account. We undertake a Decision Maker Unit mapping activity to identify key buyers, influencers, and blockers. And because we actually speak to these individuals we can gather intelligence and insight which is not readily available from public domain sources.

The output is a concise document which details who we have spoken and provides a narrative of the key conversations. This is augmented by intelligence about business strategy, priorities, challenges – as well as business partners, service providers, and incumbent technologies.