Digital Services

Blended engagement, combining inbound and outbound activity

The digital services we deliver embrace a blended approach combining marketing automation to generate inbound lead traffic with outbound telemarketing to stimulate pipeline development. We deliver an always-on capability which accelerates the lead generation process, quickly and efficiently targeting a broader audience. Built around an SEO optimised micro-site with hosted content, trackable links, and call to action forms, our service is enhanced via E-mail marketing and Social engagement. The planning phase is paramount. The ITTS Account Manager will support you to understand the value proposition, prospect journey, and develop a lead scoring algorithm.

How can ITTS help?

Combining inbound and outbound engagement, we can drive more effective campaigns with a higher conversation rate. If you recognise any of these issues/challenges, then we can help:
• Lead generation is erratic and inconsistent
• Your existing MQL leads are not sufficiently qualified
• Sales teams are not following up the leads you pass across to them
• You don’t have a sufficiently robust process in place to nurture leads until they are sales ready
• You are unable to target, engage, and qualify large sections of your addressable market

Managing the MQL/SQL gap

Demand generation is another of our digital services and often involves multiple agencies, each responsible for a specific part of the process. Appropriate telemarketing follow up of MA/content syndication generated leads is crucial in transitioning respondents from soft leads to hard leads. MA/content syndication generated leads are often passed across to inside sales teams or agency’s days after the initial digital touch point and the longer this gap, the more the lead degrades. Hence, the process disconnect creates an MQL/SQL gap, where leads are not followed up swiftly.
ITTS has developed a blended engagement model to combat this exact situation to ensure MA/Content Syndicated leads are fully monetised through ‘real-time’ follow up and engagement. This ensures better ROI from the client investment in MA/content syndication activity whilst using telemarketing to deliver leads that have been followed up in a timely fashion. It combines both inbound and outbound activity, delivered by one provider using a fully-integrated approach.