Pay Per Lead Solutions

You don't pay until we deliver the leads

For our clients targeting organisation with sub-1500 employees, ITTS have developed a successful and robust Pay Per Lead business model.

Clients love the fact they know they will be getting great leads that have been sourced and QA’d using our ISO 9001 quality processes, but, even better, they know they only pay when we find them a lead!

So, we can provide you with all the security and protection of knowing your budget is only being expended when it matters – when we are connecting you with an active sales opportunity ready for engagement.

ITTS will work with you to build the project brief, source data to match your target audience aspirations, onboard our agents and then, using our 30 years of technology focused demand generation expertise, deliver outstanding results!

All our calls are recorded and all leads are listened back to by our QA specialists making sure no lead exits ITTS unless it has met our agreed quality and qualification metrics.

  • “Outstanding. [The appointment] looks great… I am looking forward to this call and will update the opportunity after the call”.
  • “Great opportunity – Customer is very interested in evaluating both Laptops and desktop minis and has discussed possibly placing orders in Jan. Thanks”
  • “Great meeting with [Prospect]- they want to bring us in as part of their technology stack on Azure. We will have a follow up at a higher level. Thanks Ellie!”
  • “well done Brian… [enterprise x] is a very exciting prospect – what a great call with [prospect]!! We have moved from exploratory call (over an hour this morning) to demo next Friday with key stakeholders. Great work.”

How does it work?

Project Set-Up: ITTS take care of building the project brief with you – this of course is a key building block to success, and we have a highly evolved process to make sure we gather all the key intelligence we will need to be successful for you.

Data: We have access to our own data source of 3m UK companies and 12m UK contacts, so, whatever market focus you have, we have the data to get your project in-flight.

Smart: We can utilise our buying intent tracking tools, automated eDM marketing platform and leak-proof lead nurture solutions to ensure we source high grade leads, at scale, for your sales team.

Leads:  All opportunities are qualified as follows – Engagement timescale 0-12 months; Budget approved or being sought; Decision Maker or significant influencer engaged; Agreement for client contact – near term opportunities will have a time/date, medium term will specify week/month.

Costings and Terms

Set-Up – There is an up-front PPL programme set-up fee of £750 which covers the cost of project definition, setting up the lead platform, sourcing target contact audience and completing the project briefing by the ITTS BDM – the deliverable being a document that acts as the key tool to direct and inform our agent on how to present the clients credentials, how to present their proposition and how to qualify and size any opportunity.

Data – we leverage our own data platform on our clients behalf.  We can also work on client supplied data as long as it is available in appropriate volumes and is validated clean and relevant prior to commencement.

PPL fees – the precise lead fee varies from client to client. It is arrived at by assessing:

  • Seniority of the key contact to be engaged.
  • Size of organisation to be targeted.
  • Frequency of how often the clients technology/service is typically purchased (monthly/annually/bi-annually etc).
  • % of a target audience likely to be a fit for the clients technology/service.

Once we’ve had the opportunity to make an assessment of these factors and after consultation with the client, we can provide a proposal based around a fixed fee per lead.  PPL fee’s typically range from £200 to £1200 per lead based on these factors.

Scale – Projects need to be of at least 8 weeks duration – depending on lead fee, typical monthly spend would normally be £5k-£15k per month.

For an assessment of what your fee per lead would be, contact ITTS Sales to explore further.