The Key Challenges to Managing Sustainable Inside Sales Team; #1 Recruitment and Retention

We asked our clients what frustrations and challenges they faced with their inside sales team; the answer?

Recruitment and retention.

Recruitment & Retention A costly cycle.

Why the constant, recruitment, onboarding and retention cycle?

We are all pretty familiar with the attractions of a running an inside sales teams – it offers the chance for the field sales team to get close to the prospecting team and the client can invest in training and development of its inside agents.  In some cases its also seen as less costly.

However, we still get engaged frequently by clients who have an inside sales model – so, isn’t that something of a contradiction?

Reality is that for many clients, in principle, the inside sales route looks attractive. The practical experience can, however, throw up challenges.

The most common challenge cited by those organisation who responded was recruitment and retention.

They explained that they are often, if not always, running below their target agent capacity, impacting lead volumes and key KPI’s. 

The issue has a number of faces:

Inside sales recruits are often relatively early in their careers – an ambitious, aspirational millennial candidate can be a terrific asset. They are, however, easy pickings for head-hunters due to a willingness to switch employers, often for quite trivial reasons.  Or they get bogged down with the calling ‘grind’ and quickly look for an out. 

And as soon as the resignation letter hits the team managers desk, they know they are probably 4-6 months away from having a capable, fully onboarded agent! This in turn hits their ability to deliver on KPI’s as a team and disrupts the nurture model.

So managers of inside sales teams are often wrestling with the challenge of maintaining standards/quality whilst maintaining a fully recruited team.

And as soon as they achieve the optimum team balance……..they lose an agent and the whole problem rears its head once more.

Which all goes to answer the question posed at beginning of this note; why do we frequently find our services are needed by clients with very well established inside sales teams?

The answer is that service provider such as ourselves can be blended into the inside team so we fill any capacity void left either by agents that leave, agents that are promoted or those who are moved on.

So those clients in fact address the fundamental challenges of recruitment and retention by embracing a flexible agency relationship rather than trying to take a binary approach of inhouse/outsource.

In order to reach their targets, our clients tell us that having a 3rd party that they can turn on and dial down, as required allows them to compliment their existing inside:

  • Reduce the recruitment and retention cycle   
  • Maintain a consistent pipeline
  • Improve lead quality
  • Close the MQL – SQL gap
  • Accelerate your pipeline  
  • Boost a challenging H1

Alternatively if you’re considering outsourcing your inside sales process in its entirety, it is essential that you select the right partner, with the experience, infrastructure and industry credibility to present your complex technology solutions. Drop us a note and we can guide you through the process and make sure that you get the assistance you need to achieve your goals.

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