Persistence – When is it time to give up?

If you made 10+ attempts to contact a key target prospect, all without success, how would you typically react? 

Assume they aren’t ever going to pick up? Give up?  Mark them down as a nil return? To be fair, all understandable reactions.

I pose the question in light of an occurrence I observed yesterday with one our senior Sales Researchers – they are focused on telephone centric prospecting into key stakeholders in target organisations, on behalf of our clients.

We often get asked by clients how we get our results –

What’s the secret?

What methods do we use?

How do you get hold of these contacts?

My Sales Researcher colleague related that they made their 47th dialling yesterday into a particular target contact who they’d been seeking to engage over a 4 week window; repeatedly hitting nothing but voice mail or the phone just ringing out……until…..yesterday…..

Yep, they picked up!  

A 23 minute conversation ensued and whilst the suspect had never heard of our client, the proposition was of material relevance to a project they are planning in the New Year and they agreed to a Teams meeting with the client in December.   The clients typical deal value is in excess of $200k, so, they are potentially at the beginning of what could be a lucrative sales journey.


So, if you ever get feedback from your sales teams along the lines of “I tried calling 3 or 4 times but couldn’t reach her…….” and then wonder why your pipeline isn’t as full as it should be, hopefully this story will give you some answers.

So, prospecting success is like many things in life; it visits itself more frequently on the tenacious, the persistent and the focused.

Of course, if your sales colleagues haven’t got the time to make 47 dials over 4 weeks, you now know who to call!